drinking fountain and hand rail Falmouth Moor, Cornwall 2001
Material: bronze. the Heads have been cast


Drinking fountain
Falmouth Moor.

6mm bronze plate
The Heads were cast by Alan Dunn. Sadly recently deceased.
the fountain has internal LED's


Hand rail - Falmouth Moor
13mm broze plate with aluminium bronze posts. - no maintanance required

Well Lane Barrier, Falmouth
made of copper, bronze and wood (red australian gum) - very weather resistant. No maintanance required .
Gaint mobile
Brighton Marina
Hanging mobile - Hove, Sussex
Model for town clock to be built in Farnham in the next year or so. Budget: six figures  
Outdoor fountain in public Garden on the lizard, Cornwall
The right hand pic shows detail of the centre.
The petals all move when they fill with water



Mechanical sunflower sculpture at the Eden Project - all the flower heads move slowly following a mechanical sun around the horizon





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