The Workshops


The house it situated on the outskirts of Penryn near Falmouth in Southwest Cornwall.The top two floors are my flat and the bottom two floors and the wooden extension are workshops

the window on the right measures 4.5 m high x 4 m wide the ceiling is 6m high.It is lovely and light and very well equiped: this means that I can make almost anything in my workshop without farming out jobs and increasing my costs

I went to art collge here 15 years ago and returned 5 years ago to help a friend (Tim Shaw) make a full size steel bull
at that time i was living in Brighton:-studio-less and sad
we spent a week or two on the bull hammering into the night in Tim's Studio, It was great . I had a look round and found this derelict old mill, moved down here and spent the next five years making sculptural commissions and doing the place up.

We now have four active studios including mine:
which are used by myself and my wife, The Big one is mine (obviosly)

The view from the park at the back

The view from the road at the front of the building