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This is a model: the man is only one and a half inches tall!    
This Piece wobbles in the wind: the five different elements all aritculate and balance freely with each other . It is made from shett copper and is quite light apart from the base that is This is a free standing copper mobile. it is pictured here(left) at Louise Maclary's garden and (far left) at Hannah Peschar Gallery and (middle pic) at a posh public school in Midhurst,west Sussex  

this hollow copper horse is 12 inches
tall and weighs about 1kg

price£500plus p&p. made to order.



these three copper figures articulate with a handle.

Price£5000 plus packing and delivery


Please Contact me by e mail:

Shipping Costs vary depending on size and weight. Please call


UK Royal Mail -depends on size


Europe by Airmail -depends on size

USA by Air- depends on size

USA by sea - depends on size but as a rough guide a package weighing 70kg and approx 1m cube will cost around £500 including crating it up.



Rest of World- depends on size