Farnham Clock images and movie  

The clock was designed about ten years ago by myself for Farnham Public Art Trust and was the winner of the competition to design a clock for the town square in Farnham.

It was designed to have a metal frame (brass or stainless steel) and be clad in copper.

the central portion was designed to rotate with an electric motor. not all the time, but every hour for five minutes or so,

I imagined that at the topof each hour a small crowd would gather in expectation, with small children straining to see the objects inside as they started their noisy journey around the circular post.

Inside there would be: Mike Hawthornes racing car (world champ in the fifties) ; The first petrol car in England, built by John Henry Knight, an eccentric millionaire; Graham Thorpe - a world class cricketer ; references to hop picking, The Bishops Castle overlooking the town, various air fields etc. All from nearby to Farnham.

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